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发布日期 :2011-05-12    阅读次数 :4662
报告题目:Networked Mobile Agents in Exploration Tasks
报告人: Dr. Fumin Zhang
Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer
Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology
In this talk, we present our recent contributions in utilizing networked mobile robots as collective sensing agents to explore unknown environments. Two scenarios will be discussed. In the first scenario, a group of agents are deployed to construct the Voronoi diagram of a complex 2D workspace and to construct a sensing/communication network. Then the network is utilized to capture intruders to the workspace. We rigorously justified the completeness of the algorithms and provided an upper bound on the number of agents necessary to capture all intruders despite of the superior mobility of the intruders over the agents. In the second scenario, the agents are deployed to explore the level surfaces of a 3D noisy scalar field. We extends our cooperative Kalman filter previously developed for 2D scalar field to incorporate more challenging geometric structures in 3D fields. The algorithms developed may be used to explore underwater hypoxia regions. In both scenarios, we perceive a common theme of tightly integrated sensing, control, and communication research. 
    Dr. Fumin Zhang is Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineeringat the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received a PhD degree in 2004 fromthe University of Maryland (College Park) in Electrical Engineering, and held a postdoctoralposition in Princeton University from 2004 to 2007. His research interests includemarine autonomy with environment modeling, underwater robotics, control systems,and theoretical foundations for cyber-physical systems. He received the NSF CAREERAward in September 2009, the Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty Award in March2010, the ONR Young Investigator Program Award in April 2010, and the GT Roger P. Webb Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in April 2011.